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Women's Health | addictions, breast, heart, beauty product warnings
Health of Women
  • The U.S. has a disadvantage in women’s life expectancy compared with peer countries.   (Source; Newswise, “Some women underestimate heart disease risk, study says”, Spokane Journal of Business, 6-2-16)

  • The #1 killer of women over the age of 50 is heart disease.
  • The #1 women’s health problem is by far substance abuse and addiction, causing illness, injury and death, and contributing to a whole host of related social problems.  (National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Columbia University, NYC)

  • Breast Cancer screening and detection.  Women have several tools to screen and diagnose breast cancer, including self-exams, thermography, and mammography.   No single test is 100% accurate that can be used alone as an adequate screening or detection method for breast cancer. 

    Mammography.  Some slow-growing nonagressive cancers will only be detected by mammography. 

    Thermography is an FDA-approved risk assessment thermal imaging screening tool.  Thermography is far more sensitive than mammography.  The FDA approved thermography in 1982 as an adjunct screening and detection procedure, which when added to a woman's breast health examination, substantially increases the sensitivity in detecting pathologies associated with the breasts.  AS a unique physiological examination procedure, breast thermography is the only known test that can also serve as an early warning system by identifying women who have high-risk pre-cancerous infrared imaging markers.  The procedure can also play a role in prognosis and as a method of assisting in monitoring the effects of treatment. (Karla Porter, R.T.(R)(CT),CTT, (509) 315-4154)

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