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Women & Mothers | Facing Challenges | Spokane Resources can Help
Women & Mothers

Many women face challenges of
abuse, family violence, and rape. 

Single parent families represent the fastest growing population living on the street. 

Most of the mothers with children in homeless shelters
come from broken homes with histories of abuse, alcohol and drug problems. 

Without family support, many young women are thrust into society alone,
and then tend to enter into abusive relationships with alcoholic and drug-addicted men. 

  • Over 10,000 “HELP” calls are made for domestic violence every year in Spokane.
  • One in 4 women in the United States is a victim of domestic violence.  In addition, l in 5 high school girls report she has been abused by a date.
What You Can Do
  • "Be kind to the women.  They constitute half of the population, and are mothers to the other half."  (source unknown)

  • Provide phone cards for women in homeless and crisis shelters to call family members who may be able to help them.   
  • Women who are raising boys without fathers in the home, must seek good role models for their sons.  If possible, encourage the father of your children, or other good men, to be actively involved in their lives.  
  • Teach young people to avoid violence.  Make a difference to battered women by teaching young people that violence is not acceptable; examine and discuss how TV programs and movies glamorize violence.  
  • Help support single women who are working and caring for children.  Be watchful of abuse, notice injuries, and encourage women in jeopardy to get help.  
  • Make a difference to women who are homeless, on public assistance, or in prison and rehabilitation programs.  These women have lived lives of distrust, bad habits and poor decisions.  They need someone to guide them in overcoming individual barriers.  Plan and present interactive workshops on self-esteem, dressing for success, cultural diversity, conflict resolution, and sexual harassment.  
  • View Women’s Healthunder the Health topic on this website.

  • Share your talents!  Women tend to play down their own talents.  "Even when women are aware that we have a gift, we've been taught that we should not blow our own horn, we shouldn't be immodest.  Women will speak up less about what they have to offer, or even if they do speak up will often preface what they are contributing with something that diminishes their contribution, whether it's 'I'm not sure if this is right' or 'I'm not sure this is really important, but--.'  You rarely hear something like that coming out of men's mouths.  The world loses out as a result. 

    "Anytime you have a gift, you have something to contribute, you've been given that gift to be able to make the world a better place.  So, if you're not sharing the particular gift you have, then the rest of us have lost out on something that could shine a huge light on something that we are struggling with."  Naomi Tutu, Archbishop Desmond Tutu's daughter, speaker at the October 2012 YWCA's Women of Achievement benefit luncheon, Spokane, WA  (The Spokesman-Review, Oct. 20, 2012)
Local Organizations
Additional Resources

Miryam's House
(program of Transitions)
1805 W. 9th Avenue 
Spokane, WA  99204
Housing for women recovering from crises related to homelessness, abuse, addiction and displacement.  Housing is offered for one year with a focus on promoting permanent changes through healing, learning and growth toward self-sufficiency and financial stability.

Women Helping Women Fund in Spokane has raised about $3 million in donations to programs benefiting women and children throughout Spokane County.  The money raised supports 24 local community programs.

Women’s Hearth. 
This drop-in center is a safe haven for homeless women, offering them healthy snacks, a variety of classes, spirituality, and a hot shower.

Read "Christ Kitchen - Loving Women Out of Poverty,"
by Jan Martinez.  Jan is the founder of Christ Kitchen, a successful nonprofit job-training program dedicated to loving and mentoring low-income women on the outskirts of society.  The book is for sale throughout Spokane.  Call Christ Kitchen at (509) 325-4343.