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Wildlife | Spokane, WA

  • EMERGENCY numbers for a wild animal that is abused, wounded or dead.
(509) 921-1000    During the week/business hours
(509) 456-2233    Animal pick-up over the weekend
(509) 477-3600    Animal control
(509) 477-2532    SCRAPS animal shelter

What You Can Do

  • Deer.  Report dead or injured deer (or other non-domestic animals) for removal: 

    • Highways maintained by Spokane County:             
      (509) 477-3600 

    • Highways maintained by the State of Washington:  
      (509) 324-6000
  • Injured Wild Animals.  For those who find injured wild game animals, please contact the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council at (509) 487-8552. 

  • Do NOT disturb Wild Baby Animals, especially fawns.  Although they may appear abandoned or orphaned in the wild, their mothers (who have often left to find food and water) are generally nearby.  Removing these babies can lead to their death.  An exception would be freeing a fawn from a tangled fence. (Source:  State wildlife officials and licensed rehabilitation at Washington Fish and Wildlife Department, http://wdfw.wa.gov/)  

  • Donate Wild Game Meat.  Every year hunters and fisherman in our country donate millions and millions of pounds of wild game meat.  Local sportsmen can connect their skills with the need of feeding the homeless and hungry. Sportsmen can donate a portion or all of their high-protein, low-fat harvest to the needy.  Some hunters pay for the meat processing fee, others do not. 
    Contact:  Inland NW Wildlife Council
    (509) 487-8552

  • Road Kill.  Washington State Law says that anyone can pick up roadkill for their own consumption, but they must take the entire animal, not just parts of it.  (Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife)
Local Organizations
Additional Resources