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Transportation | Plane, bus, train, parking meters. Spokane, WA
  • Public transportation does not go everywhere, and not everyone can afford it. 

  • Carpools, van-pools, biking, walking, or public transportation...

    Find alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles.  CommuteFinderNW is a free ride-matching service where people commuting to work can enter the starting point of their commute and where their work site is.http://www.CommuteFinderNW.com (Spokane Transit Authority and Spokane County's Commute Trip Reduction program)

  • Drivers are needed by various organizations, from delivering food to transporting people. 
What You Can Do
  • Offer transportation assistance to family members and neighbors who don’t drive.  
  • Volunteer to drive those in need.   Drivers are always in demand.  Drivers are often needed to run errands, transport patients, shop for the elderly, deliver meals to the home-bound, take the elderly or people with disabilities on errands and to medical appointments, or provide emergency transportation to the hospital for young women who are pregnant.
  • Make sure you are protected with car insurance so you and the passengers are as safe as possible.  Some drivers are also reimbursed for mileage.  
  • Stop driving when you can no longer drive safely.  When your age, mind, hearing and vision make it difficult to drive safely, seek alternative options to protect your own life and the lives of others.  
  • Take the AARP Driver Safety Education course to help people 50 and up adjust their skills to compensate for changes associated with aging.  When the 8-hour course is completed, senior drivers may be eligible for a state-mandated multi-year discount on their auto insurance premiums. Most important, seniors who sharpen their driving skills can serve longer and better.  Classes are offered at most local senior and community centers.  Contact AARP online to locate one near you.
  • Volunteer to teach the AARP Driver Safety Education course.  This course helps people 50 and up adjust their skills to compensate for changes associated with aging.

Local Organizations
Additional Resources

AARP Driver Safety Education course
AARP offers the 55 Alive driver course to help people 50 and up adjust their skills to compensate for changes associated with aging.  
Amtrak Train Station Information
(509) 624-5144

American Medical Response

(509) 328-6162

Care Cars for Elders
Transport frail elders to medical services. 
(509) 458-7450

Just for You Senior Services
(509) 939-9971  (for-profit business)
Transportation and personal assistant services for Seniors in the Greater Spokane area.  Designed to help the seniors in our community get to where they need to go, including shopping, errands, appointments and airport service. 

Meals on Wheels
They deliver meals to the home-bound. 

Food pickup and delivery, transport the elderly and disabled individuals.  Contact Angee Friedrich in the RSVP office, (509) 344-7787, or e-mail her at mailto:afriedrich@ymcaspokane.org

(pick up leftover restaurant food to donate to the homeless)
(509) 570-3951

Spokane Transit Authority provides all trips for $1.50 each way, and for $0.75 each way on fixed route with a valid Reduced Fair ID.

     STA Pass / Schedule Information
     (509) 328-RIDE

     STA Paratransit information
     (509) 325-6026

     STA Vanpool information

     (509) 326-POOL

     For more information,

     please visit http://spokanetransit.com

Spokane Valley Foundation

(seniors 60+)
(509) 924-0507

Taxi Services
(groceries, prescriptions, small freight)
(509) 624-4321

Women’s and Children’s Free Restaurant
(pick up donated food)
(509) 324-1995

Washington State Dept. of Transportation
Email:  SeeS@wsdot.wa.gov
(360) 705-7372