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Teen Auto Accidents | Spokane, WA
Teen Auto Accidents

  • Distractions while driving.   80% of the 6,000 teens who die each year will die due to the following distractions—cell phones, texting, iPods, eating food, drinking beverages, and especially having friends in the car.

    In 2013, there were 31,000 deaths (teens and adults) from auto accidents
    61% from text and driving
    33% from checking email
    30% from checking Twitter
    17% from taking a selfie  
    10% from video chatting

    Teen Carpools
    - Each additional passenger in the car increases the crash risk.
    44% for one additional passenger
    4 x the crash risk with 3 friends in the car. 

    "It is much safer to let kids drive themselves to school, rather than carpool.  People have to stay focused on the road."   "Driving the Danger - What's Behind the Spike in Deaths on the Nation's Roads?", Deborah Hersman of the National Safety Council, CBS This Morning, August 17, 2015
What Parents Can Do
  • Parents have to be great role models.  If you are texting while driving, or answering phone calls while driving, or if you are drinking and then getting into a car - and your kids see that - they see your behavior as acceptable behavior.  

  • Parents can tell their kids, "Call me if you get into a situation where you need to be picked up.  No questions asked, and I will come get you."  Then, make sure you live by that rule; otherwise, your kids are not going to trust you.