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Snow Removal | Spokane
Snow Removal

Snow Plow Schedules.  

(509) 456-2666        Spokane (City)  
 (509) 477-3600        Spokane County
(509) 688-0311        Spokane Valley

  • Spokane Valley residents who want to know when plows will be visiting their street, can either call the snowplow information line at (509) 688-0311, or view the city’s website at http://www.spokanevalley.org/snowinfo.  Hear the latest SnowInfo updates by calling (509) 720-5311 any time of the day or night.  Recordings are updated every time a new SnowInfo update is sent out. 

    Residents may sign up to receive updates by email can visit http://www.spokanevalley.org/signup.  You will receive the same updates provided to local radio and television stations at the same time they get them.  Just enter your email address and choose "SnowInfo Updates" from the list to receive updates. 

  • City of Spokane Valley residents are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property.  The city asks property owners in areas where there are school children walking to school, or elder care facilities, to be especially thorough when keeping walkways clear. 

    Elderly or disabled people who cannot clear snow may call 2-1-1, or (866) 904-9060 to ask for help. 

    Problem areas that are not cleared, or are so covered with ice that they become dangerous to foot traffic, may be reported at http://www.spokanevalley.org/CARES, or by calling (509) 921-1000 during regular business hours. 

  • For Snow Updates:

    • (509) 625-7737   City of Spokane recorded snow hotline

    • (509) 755-2489   Spokane - Report a snow concern

    • (509) 921-1000   Spokane Valley - Report a snow concern

    • (509) 477-3600   Spokane County - Report a snow concern, unincorporated areas of Spokane County

What You Can Do
  • If you are elderly or disabled and need help shoveling snow, contact the organizations posted below.  In addition, contact your church, club or an organization you belong to, and ask for help. 

  • Shovel snow for elderly people or home-bound people in your neighborhood.  Contact Catholic Charities' Volunteer Chore Services or Senior Services programs (see resources below) and volunteer to shovel snow for people on their list. 
  • Students can organize a snow removal project for those in need on the days school is cancelled - due to SNOW!
  • Shovel snow around your mailbox so your mail carrier can reach your box.
  • Keep fire hydrants visible and accessible during an emergency.
  • Remove snow to expose house numbers painted on curbs.  

Local Organizations
Additional Resources
Community Living Connections
(509) 960-7281
email:  CLCinformation@community-minded.org 
We are committed to helping people with disabilities and older adults live safely and independently in their homes as long as possible.  All services are free and confidential.  Call for help with snow removal.