Service Projects for Kids


       (and Families)               


   “If you think you are too small to have an impact—

                       think of going to bed with a mosquito in the room.”

  Remember –

            1)  Tell each organization what you would like to do.

            2)  Ask if the project will be helpful, or if they have another suggestion. 


  • Volunteering from a young age helps children gain a social conscience, and contributes to self-esteem and an understanding of how they fit in the world. 

  • Kids who are involved in the process of planning service will learn leadership skills and start to value charity personally. 
  • If you just teach kids ideas or values in abstract, it may never be anything more than a good idea.  When parents volunteer with their children, children put those ideas into action and will remember the lessons taught. 
  • Research shows that people who volunteer as children set a pattern for a lifetime of service, and are twice as likely to engage in service later in life.  They will also have a higher sense that they can make a difference.