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Service and Charity | Strengthening Families and the Community.
Service and Charity

begins in the family

where everyone learns the joy and satisfaction of
serving others. 

Service can teach skills, compassion and character

as we learn that
life is all about relationships
 and our responsibility to others in society.

Service Can Strengthen the Family
  • Plan to include volunteerism in your family vacation.  You do not have to leave town to have a memorable vacation helping others.  
  • Secretly adopt a family or individual in need, or one that simply needs some friendship, and do service projects for them for a predetermined period of time.   The challenge is to do little acts of kindness without getting caught, such as yard work, or leaving small gifts on the doorstep.  Children especially enjoy ringing the doorbell, running and hiding to avoid being seen.  At the end of the determined time, you may decide to either send an anonymous note sharing the joy you felt serving them; or, you may decide to reveal yourselves.  
  • Encourage your children to give to the needy.  Allow them to buy, wrap and deliver a gift, or donate the previous year's winter clothing to charity. 
  • Find ways for your family to give that last beyond the holidays.  Remind your family that the poor, sick homeless, unemployed and others less fortunate have needs 365 days a year.  Encourage individual service so family members learn to look outside themselves and be aware of the needs of others. 
  • Gratitude.  List the things you are grateful for in a journal each week.  
  • Teach children gratitude, and to appreciate the little things.  Write down in a family journal what members like and appreciate about others.  
  • The family is the ideal setting to teach and learn charity.    
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