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Resources for Seniors | Spokane, WA
RESOURCES for Seniors

Local Organizations
Additional Resources
Topics Below:
General Resources
Home Care Services
Medical and Dental Conditions
Mental Health Services
Personal Safety
Senior Centers and Day Programs
Social Security
Technology Support

General Resources
1-866-227-7457  (toll-free)

AARP Senior Employment Program
(509) 535-9504

Aging and Long-Term Care of Eastern Washington

1222 N. Post St.
Spokane, WA  99201
(509) 458-2509

Aging and Adult Services (DSHS)
Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)
1 (800) 422-3263
Services for Aging and people with Disabilities. 
or call (509) 458-2509

Community Living Connections
(a program of Aging and Long-term Care of Eastern Washington)
Community Minded Enterprises
222 W. Mission Ave., Ste 120
Spokane, WA  99201

(509) 960-7281
Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm
email:  CLCinformation@community-minded.org 

Providing referrals to all kinds of services from housing to meals, legal support to transportation. 

We are committed to helping people with disabilities and older adults live safely and independently in their homes as long as possible. All services are free and confidential.

We offer referrals and information for older adults or people with disabilities needing a variety of services. Some of the areas that we can offer assistance and/or referrals include questions regarding:
    •    Housing
    •    In-home care and personal assistance
    •    Transportation for medical and other
    •    Caregiver support and respite relief
    •    Assisted living
    •    Prepared meals and food assistance
    •    Health insurance
    •    Mental health
    •    Long-term care
    •    Assistive devices
    •    Legal support and advocacy
    •    Options counseling
Who can call us?

We receive calls from clients, guardians, advocates, caregivers, family members, neighbors, friends, health care providers, law enforcement and community partners.

Senior Resource Guide
Spokane & Inland Northwest
InnovAGING, a guide to aging
Lawton Printing Services
(509) 534-1044 
In the upper right corner, click on "Spokane"
Senior Pages
100-page magazine for 55+ Seniors
FREE to Seniors who live, work and retire in Spokane
Housing, Insurance/Medicare, Meals on Wheels, Medical, Recreation, Transportation, Senior Centers.
(509) 468-4226
Email:  info@seniorpages.com

Food - Getting groceries and making meals can be a challenge.  Here are some resources that may help:
Food Banks
(click here)

Free Meal Sites
(click here)

Grocery Delivery Services
(click here)

Home Delivered Meals 
(click here)

Adult Family Home Association
(Spokane Regional Chapter of WSRCC)

Private residences that are licensed to provide housing, meals and personal care services to older persons and disabled adults who are unable to live independently. 

Community Living Connections

(509) 960-7281
email:  CLCinformation@community-minded.org 

Information and referral for low-income housing for Seniors and people with disabilities. 

Elder Services
(Frontier Behavioral Health)
(509) 458-7450
Serving the Elderly only.  They work to keep the elderly in their homes and prevent premature or unnecessary hospitalization or nursing home placement. 

Senior & Family Housing
Goodale & Barbieri Company
818 W. Riverside Ave, Ste 300
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 459-6102
Low-income and HUD-subsidized Rentals.
Call for eligibility requirements. 
Spokane Housing Authority
55 W. Mission Avenue
Spokane, WA  99201
(509) 487-5244
(509) 328-2953  TTY 711
Wheelchair accessible
Based on income.  Low income and tax credit property. No assisted living services.    Access the link to the pre-application by visiting the SHA website. If you need assistance in applying online: Visit SHA during regular lobby hours (8:30 to 4:00 Tuesday, Thursday, and 1:00 to 4:00 on Wednesday).

Spokane Low-Income Housing Consortium
315 W. Mission Avenue, Suite 25B
Spokane, WA  99201
(509) 325-3235
Affordable homes are simply safe, quality places to live at lower rents and mortgage payments, for senior citizens with fixed incomes, persons with disabilities, and families with limited incomes.

Spokane Urban Ministries
(a collaboration of 4 Lutheran Churches)
(509) 328-6280
Affordable apartments for mentally ill people.

Home Care Services
Community Living Connections
(509) 960-7281
email:  CLCinformation@community-minded.org 


Elder Services
Family Caregiver Support Program
Frontier Behavioral Health
5125 N. Market St
Spokane, WA  99217
(509) 458-7450
Helping at-risk elderly live in their own homes. 

Family Caregivers Support Program

(509) 458-7450

Horizon Hospice

(509) 489-4581

Hospice of Spokane
(509) 456-0438

Volunteer Chore Services
(a program of Catholic Charities)
(509) 328-8400

Mobile Medical Diagnoses
(509) 747-1187

Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities:  What You Need to Know
People living with disabilities, or seniors aging in place, will find advice and resources about how to make their homes more livable and enjoyable. 

(article by Expertise, by Michael Sledd, June 17, 2015, 1-877-769-7769, info@expertise.com)

Medical Conditions
If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness or medical condition, there may be an organization to help you navigate the diagnosis and treatment.  Organizations offer individualized services, support groups, and/or information. 

Adults with Disabilities
Blind or Visually Impaired
Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Parkinson's Disease
and more   (click here)

Elderly Dental Access Program
(509) 458-2509

Gentiva Home Health Aide
(509) 473-4900

Mental Health Services 
Alzheimer's Association
(509) 473-3390

Community Living Connections

(509) 960-7281
email:  CLCinformation@community-minded.org 

Personal Safety

Adult Protective Services
(509) 323-9400

Elder Abuse and Neglect
(click here)

Fraud and Identity Theft
(click here)
Identity theft is taking someone else’s personal information (such as the driver license or identification card number, social security number, bank or credit card account numbers, etc.)  An impostor can use your identity to open fraudulent credit accounts, secure loans for cars and housing, or steal money from your bank accounts. It is a serious crime with serious consequences.  If identity theft happens to you, contact a Spokane Crime Victim Advocate for assistance at Spokane C.O.P.S. - Identity Theft Program - (509) 625-3381
Home Protection
(click here)

Senior Centers and Day Programs   (click here)

Social Security websites:
Social Security  

Social Security, and Supplemental Social Security Income


Congressional Budget Office 

National Academy of Social Insurance    

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare 

Technology Support
Many elderly customers need help with their cell phone, TV media, streaming, removing unnecessary apps, Amazon TV, Netflix, Apple TV, how to record a program, using the Internet, banking online, using verbal commands, loading an app that gives reminders to take medicine, check the weather forecast or find directions to a destination, take a photo, use social media like Facebook, and use Skype or Face-timing.  Many older adults simply want to get more out of the devices they have to improve their quality of life and remain independent.  They also want to learn how to avoid scams and prevent hacking. 

Community Colleges of Spokane

ACT 2 technology courses
(509) 279-6027
Sign-up for a Community College class to learn more about computer basics, email basics, Internet basics, Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook, and more.

Spokane County Library District
The County libraries allow you to schedule a "Book a Librarian" for a free 30-45 minute session.  Librarians are trained to answer tech questions
from how to create an email address and set up a Facebook page to how to load a book onto an e-reader. The one-on-one appointments can be booked online or by calling a branch. Librarians also can go to a public location, such as a senior center or business site, but they can’t go to individual homes. For more information, go to http://www.scld.org.

Spokane Public Library.  The City libraries offer free “Appy Hour Digital Support” at branches. Drop-in sessions on various dates help people use electronic devices, understand a smartphone, learn programs, or download applications to a tablet. People also can talk to a librarian for tech support in a branch at any time, or they can book a session. For more information, go to the calendar section of http://www.spokanelibrary.org and search “Appy Hour” for times and locations, or call a branch directly. Gillian Sayer, SPL community technology coordinator, can answer questions at (509) 444-5329.

Spokane’s Students 4 Seniors is a for-profit business matching college students with older adults for technology tutoring and help understanding devices. They charge about $35/hour for sessions in your home; and customers can arrange for 2 to 3 people to split tutoring expenses.  Call (509) 426-7270

(Washington Assistive Technology Act Program)

Email: watap.org
Mission: To promote assistive technology to enhance independence for Washington residents with disabilities of all ages.
WATAP provides assistive technology (AT) resources and expertise to all Washingtonians with disabilities, their families, and their support network to aid in making decisions and obtaining the technology and related services needed for employment, education and independent living.

Specifically, WATAP has a Device Lending Library.  They offer low cost and free services including Device Demonstrations, Device Lending, Alternative Financing, Device Reuse, Public Awareness Activities, and Technical Assistance.  This includes, but is not limited to,

devices to assist speech communication
telephone and door signaler and amplifier
readers for vision impairment
hand-held magnifiers
computer mice and keyboards and apps for people with disabilities
reading assistance
ergonomic keyboards
large button remote controls
environmental adaptions such as door knob handles
and more...

American Medical Response
(509) 328-6162

Care Cars for Elderly
(509) 458-7450

Community Living Connections
(509) 960-7281
email:  CLCinformation@community-minded.org 


Just for You Senior Services
(509) 939-9971  (for-profit business)
Transportation and personal assistant services for Seniors in the Greater Spokane area.  Designed to help the seniors in our community get to where they need to go, including shopping, errands, appointments and airport service. 

STA bus pass / Schedules / Information
(509) 328-7433

STA Special Transportation (SASTA)
(509) 328-1552 (scheduling)
(509) 328-3678 (dispatch)

Taxi Services (groceries, prescriptions, small freight)
(509) 624-4321

RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)
(509) 344-7787
(click here)