Mobius Children's Science Center
River Park Square Lower Level
808 W. Main
Spokane, WA
(509) 624-5437 
Children up to the age of ten explore and create by a hands-on approach to the sciences, arts and cultural education.  With very little printed material or written instructions, kids are encouraged to experiment, with assistance nearby if required. 

Mobius Science Center
811 W.  Main
Spokane, WA   99201
(509)  443-5669
65 exhibits (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) for age 8 to 108

SFCC Planetarium
Spokane Falls Community College
3410 W. Fort George Wright Drive
Spokane, WA   99224
(509)  533-3569  (Call for show times and tickets.) 
Open to the Public. 
Four 1-hour shows rotate throughout the month. 
Tickets must be purchased in advance of the shows.

Students with Science Questions
Have you met Dr. Universe? Dr. Wendy Sue Universe investigates STEM questions from elementary and middle school students. The Ask Dr. Universe project connects K-8 grade students students with real experts and researchers at Washington State University.  Subscribe to the Ask Dr. Universe newsletter and you will receive free science Q&As, videos, and activities each week. Kids can ask their own science questions or find more info at
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