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School Zone Laws | Spokane, WA
School Zone Laws

  • School Zone speed limits apply only during the school year (not during summer or school holidays).

  • The speed limit for all school zones is 20 mph “When Children Are Present”EXCEPT high schools where the 20 mph applies ALL DAY (7 am - 3:30 pm), because of their open campus policy, where students enter/leave throughout the school day.
  • “When Children Are Present” means that if there is one child in the “School Zone” on the sidewalk 24 hours a day, drive no faster than 20 mph.  At that speed, it will only take 35-40 seconds to drive through the school zone.  
  • Fines for speeding through a school zone:
$189                1-5 mph over the speed limit
$210                6-10 mph over the speed limit
$300-800        20+ mph over the speed limit.
$                       For not stopping for kids crossing the street

School zone citation fines will not be waived, reduced or suspended.
  • Drivers will be ticketed for
    • speeding
    • failing to stop for pedestrians
    • failing to stop for a school bus which is loading or unloading
    • disobeying other traffic laws  
  • Crosswalk guards have the authority to record the license plate number of speeding/reckless drivers and give that to the police.  
  • City of Spokane Fines: 
    $189 is the minimum fine
    $210 for driving 10 mph over the speed limit in a school zone
  • Spokane County Fines: 
    $189 for driving 1-5 mph over the speed limit
    $210 for 6-10 mph over
    $271 for 11-15 mph over
  • Car-Pedestrian Accidents.  A state study showed that the average student has an 80-90% rate of survival if struck by a car traveling 20 mph or slower.  That same student has a 90% chance of death if the car is traveling 25-35 mph. 
What You Can Do
  • Obey speed limits to secure the safety of our children. 

  • Pay attention to the signs posted around each school, as they differ—some have speed restrictions for particular hours and days, some only when children are present—but they are all enforced.