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Religion supports parents and strengthens families | Kids do better in school
Religion Supports Parents

  • Religion can be an enormous support for parents.  Children with religion in their lives do better in school and are less likely to get into trouble.  
  • Parents have a right to guide, train, and correct their children in their own chosen family values—but, those values may be far different than their neighbor’s.  
  • The Village which is trying to raise our children today is a sex-saturated, crime-ridden society with many broken homes.  Will the Village teach and reinforce your family values if they include honesty, integrity, knowing right from wrong, consequences of choices, service to others, morality, respect, patriotism, obedience, and good, decent, ethical values?   Will the Village teach your children to pray, and practice abstinence before marriage?   
  • Religion teaches parents how to raise their children based on Christian teachings, which help families discern right and wrong.  Most Christians favor a system which is not flawed.  God is both the authority and the author of His plan for our behavior, and He has said what is right and what is wrong.    
  • Religious teachings encourage parents to make their homes a safe place of refuge from the storms of life.  Fathers and mothers learn to be gentle and kind, and how to raise their children in a loving environment.  
  • Worship services and activities help parents teach their children a belief in a loving God and to honor the principles in His commandments.  
  • Religion is vital today as youth receive mixed messages in our society.  The decisions teens make, which will have a profound influence on the rest of their lives, are influenced by their parents, friends, neighborhood, school environment, religious groups, and the media.  
  • Children who are raised in a religious environment are much more likely to find a peer group consistent with time-honored values.  Friends make a huge difference, as peers can be tremendously influential in helping teens make choices for their long-term good.  Worship services and church activities will help reinforce the teachings in the home.  
  • Conservative religion is on the rise in this century.   Youth are turning to religion today after decades of a poor diet of secularism.   Youth with a solid religious training will now say that religion is very important to them, and contribute it to their well-being in terms of their school work, their relationship with their parents (void of a generation gap), and their overall happiness.

    (Faith and Families Report)

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