Easy Access

  • The Internet has made pornography easily accessible, affordable, and anonymous, making it easy to hide and difficult to stop.  
  • Porn is no longer confined to searching it out in dark alleys, magazine stands and theaters.  Porn is available to youth and adults 24/7 through internet and TV pipelines into our homes and at work.  Video games can introduce it, desensitize youth and nudge them toward acceptance of viewing more sexual material.  Porn comes immediately and anonymously, via email, chat rooms and Internet searches, and is only a mouse click or phone call away.  
  • There are Open Portals to the World Wide Web.  Some Examples are:

    • Cell phones,  video I-pods, iPad, and iTouch.

    • Wi-Fi (portable wireless routers) provide internet access to computers wherever there is cell phone coverage.

    • iPhones, Droid, Android, G1, G2, Blackberry and all other web-connected cell phones have wireless access almost anywhere

    • Wii X-box, PS3, PS2 and other game consoles

    • Any device that uses the faster G3 and G4 internet access technology and newer TVs and DVD players, including Blue Ray, can be connected directly to the internet and have wireless access.  

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