Playgrounds - Children with Disabilities

Discovery Playground
2426 N. Discovery Place
(in Mirabeau Point Park) 
Spokane Valley, WA
(509) 720-5401
This park has been designed for children with disabilities.
This multi-sensory playground is an accessible place where people of all ages and abilities can play, learn and discover.   It includes play equipment, musical equipment, picnic shelters, an outdoor classroom and much more. 

Features in the Discovery Playground are designed to provide accessible and imaginative learn-and-play activities for a variety of ages and abilities.  Children must be supervised.

Location:   Located at Mirabeau Point Park, just south of CenterPlace Regional Event Center, which is near near the Spokane River, just north of I-90, and east of Pines Road (near the YMCA).   

Mission Park’s Universal Playground
11023 E. Mission Ave. 
Spokane Valley, WA
Mission Park provides a “universal playground” which includes slides, swings, climbing structures, and a music area with drums and bells. The design of the playground permits children of all abilities to approach the equipment on ramps and recycled rubber surfaces that accommodate wheelchairs, walkers or crutches.  All equipment is accessible by ramp.

The park encourages disabled children to develop healthy lifestyles.  Disabled children are not immune from chronic disease and in fact, are at greater risk.  Universal parks can help improve the quality of life, as well as bestowing the full range of benefits associated with physical activity.  The layout of the playground allows children with physical impairments to play alongside of friends and siblings.

Location:  South of I-90, next to Splash Down on Mission Road, between Argonne and Pines Road. 
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