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Patriotism | Appreciating the great land of America

“America is a blessed land.
  It is a great land.  We have changed the earth. 
We brought to the world the light bulb, the car, the telephone, the movie, the assembly line,
the artificial heart, the computer, bifocals, sewing machine, refrigerator, internet, air conditioner,
safety pins, television, cash registers, crayons, power tools, the oil well, water tower, Popsicle, blue
cheese, elevator, repeating rifle, the laser, polio vaccine, microwave ovens, copy machine,
fiber optics, cotton candy and scones. Be grateful for your blessings of family, freedom,
God and country.  The future of the United States is in the hands of every citizen.”  
(Glen Beck)

The Responsibility of America
 “The price of freedom is responsibility…
to accept without malice or prejudice the rights of everyone to live the lives that they’ve imagined.
Responsibility may not always be easy, but freedom is seldom granted on easier terms.
Freedom is an undeniable spirit that offers the bold assertion anything is possible…for everyone.”  
What You Can Do
  • Fly your flag on the various patriotic holidays, including National Flag Day on June 14.
  • The National Anthem.  Learn (and teach others) the history behind our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” as well as the definition of some of the unfamiliar words in the 3 verses.
    View http://purewatergazette.net/asimov.htm for Isaac Asimov’s March 1991 explanation.