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Parking Meters | City of Spokane, WA
Parking Meters

The City of Spokane Parking Services has provided the following rules for parking at the City of Spokane parking meters:
If you park at a meter, read the sign on it, as rules vary depending on location and time of day.

Meter Parking is enforced Monday - Saturday, 8 am - 7 pm
$1.20/hour for 2-hour meters
$.80/hour for 4-hour meters
$.40/hour for 12-hour (or all day) meters

The time limit is posted on a meter. 
Move off the block where you parked, if you have stayed the maximum amount of time.  Failure to do so could earn you a fine of $15-$30. 

Parking is FREE on Sundays, Holidays, and all days from 7 pm - 8 am
City of Spokane Parking Services, (509) 232-8836.


What You Can Do
  • Smart Parking.  Drivers can still pay meters by credit and debit cards or by inserting coins into meters; however, now they can use their smartphones and other wireless devices to monitor and pay for time at parking spots in some of the downtown meters.  The next phase is to also activate sensors that will identify vacant parking slots in downtown Spokane.   This is achieved by a modified radio signal which will scan a parking area and know when a car has parked and when it has left the space.  Drivers can look for the stickers attached to the turned-on meters.  Meters will allow just one parking time cycle - meaning if the meter allows a maximum of 2 hours or more, the driver is not allowed to keep coming back and replugging.  The exception is that people making a phone-based payment can get a 15-minute time extension beyond the limit.  Unfortunately, the sensors will "flush" any leftover time on the meters, so the next driver will not get the benefit of any leftover time.  (Smart parking, by Tom Sowa, The Spokesman-Review, October 27, 2014)