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Nurses Visit Homes | Supporting New Moms and Babies
Nurses Visit Homes

  • Nurses visit homes of low-income, first-time mothers. 

    Spokane Regional Health District’s Nurse Family Partnership program
    seeks to improve maternal and early childhood health. Since 2008, nurses in the program have visited the homes of low-income, first-time mothers in order to support the physical mental and emotional health of moms and their babies. The visits continue until the child’s second birthday.

    The nurses provide information on:

    • Childbirth
    • Basic infant care
    • Parenting strategies and bonding

    • Sleep safety
    • Feeding
    • Vaccinations

    • Babies’ growth and developmental milestones
During a visit, the nurse might:
  • Weigh the baby to ensure normal growth
  • Do developmental screenings

  • Offer the mom specific play activities that will encourage baby’s language and motor development

  • Give guidance on how and when to introduce solid foods
  • Help child-proof the home

Participants in similar programs nationwide demonstrated:
    •    Significantly improved prenatal health

    •    Fewer subsequent pregnancies

    •    Increased pregnancy intervals

    •    Increased maternal employment and less reliance on assistance programs

    •    Improved school readiness

    •    Reduced involvement in crime

    •    Less child abuse, neglect and injuries

    •    Healthier habits such as reduced smoking and alcohol use, and improved diets

    •    Reduction in emergency room visits for accidents and poisonings

    •    Reduction in behavioral and intellectual programs at age 6

    •    Fewer hypertensive disorders of pregnancy 

(Source: “Partners in parenting”, Chelseas Bannach, The Spokesman-Review, 6-28-2016)