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A Message to All Children | from a Superior Court Judge who knows
A Message to All Children

Superior Court Judge - brings Teens to Tears.

Bibb County George Superior Judge Verda Colvin gave a stern warning to some teenagers in her courtroom.  As part of the county's "Consider the Consequences" program, Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin's harsh message brought some teens to tears.

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Judge Verda Colvin unfolded a white body bag before a group of troubled youth, and said, "And the only way somebody's going to know you're in here is because of this tag that will have your name on it.  What do you want to do?  The way you are going, you will either go to jail, or end up in a body bag.”

“You are special.  You are uniquely made.  Stop acting like you are trash….stop being disrespectful to your parents…care about your future…Be somebody.  Anybody can be nothing….care about yourselves…do better than what you have been doing…”

“I am sick and tired of seeing people who look like you and I, come in my courtroom and I have to sentence them to prison.  And then, you hear all the fuss on TV about African-Americans being in the prison system.  Well, guess what?  If you don’t do what it takes to go there, you won’t be a part of it!”  

She spoke to the youth and literally brought those teens to tears.  At points in the video, you can see a Sheriff's deputy handing tissues to some of the children who were moved to tears.

"I raised a young man as a single parent myself….I am sick of seeing young men who like you all…white and black all together….coming into this court system and going to jail for something stupid…”

“If you don’t make a goal for yourself, society is going to make one of these 2 options the goal (jail or a body bag).  I am serious, and I am not telling you anything different than I told my son; but, you have to make a decision that you are going to do something different, and don’t use your family situation as an excuse.  I don’t know what is going on in your life or where you live, but don’t use it as an excuse….guess what, if your parents don’t have money, you can go to college for almost free….if you don’t want to go to college, get a skill, but you have to do something….everything you need you have…."

“When you go to an alternative school, that’s on your record and you label yourself….but, even if you have to be there, change the course and start being different, so they can attach something different to your name.  Anybody can do nothing and be nothing.  Why would you want to do nothing?  Who thinks they are better than nothing?  You are special and you are uniquely made, and nobody else can do what you are supposed to do in this world.  Nobody else, and if you don’t do it, we won’t have it." 

"I continue to believe that one reason why our society is so messed up is because some people who were born to do certain things, just dropped the ball. They didn’t do it; and so, for every person who didn’t do what they needed to do, because they were given unique gifts and talents, we are missing something as a society.  Now, if you continue to go the way you are going, those are 17 more gifts we are missing as a society.  Don’t do it.  If nothing else, if your parents have done one thing that you are happy about and thankful for, don’t do this to them.  You are killing them.  You are killing them.  When my son got into trouble at school….I would come back to my office and close the door and cry, because I wondered if I had failed him….your parents love you and they care about you."

“I don’t know you personally, but I love each and every one of you.  I don’t want you to have to come to my courtroom and I have to sentence you as an adult.”

Unaware that her lecture to the teens was being recorded, Judge Colvin later said she was glad that it was.  "For some reason there was a decision to tape it, and I have to think it was predestined, because I didn't plan it. ... I wanted to speak to their hearts and that's what I did...I am shocked that it has gone that far ... I'm continually amazed, because it renews what I've always thought - at the end of the day, everybody really cares about everybody else.”

To see the interview with Judge Colvin, view: 

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says the "Consider the Consequences" program "is an early intervention program that is designed to allow youth to see that certain choices they make can bring on the consequences that may get them in trouble, land them in jail, or even worse, death."  The program is held once a month for those ages 9 through 16.  To learn more, contact the Bibb County Sheriff's Office Outreach at (478) 803-2701 about this free, monthly program.   (The videos were provided courtesy of the Bibb County Sheriff's Office and 11 Alive, WMAZ, Atlanta, Georgia)