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Meal Delivery for home-bound, elderly, disabled | Spokane, WA
FREE Meals Delivered

  • Meals on Wheels delivers much more than a daily hot nutritious meal to Seniors.  It also provides a friendly face and a safety check.  Those who live alone and receive daily-delivered meals are more likely to report decreases in worry about being able to remain in their home, and improvements in feelings of isolation and loneliness.  (Meals on Wheels America, Dr. Kali Thomas of Brown University's Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research, April 2015) 

  • Help feed hungry pets.  It is common for low-income seniors or people with disabilities to feed their dogs or cats instead of themselves.  Pets are...social workers, depression counselors, and a lifeline for a lot of seniors.  When Meals on Wheels volunteers in Los Angeles noticed a growing number of clients giving their food away to their furry friends, they started working with shelters and other pet groups to add free pet food to their meal deliveries.  Some partner pet groups began to solicit, pick up, pack and get the animal chow to Meals on Wheels, or another agency that donates food.  Some seniors began eating better, staying healthier, and worrying less about feeding their pets.  ("Meal programs help feed hungry pets," by Sue Manning, Associated Press, Los Angeles, December 30, 2013) 
What You Can Do
  • Deliver meals to the home-bound, elderly, disabled.  

        (509) 242-2308      Catholic Charities
                                       Volunteer Chore Services

        (509) 323-6939       The Campus Kitchen at Gonzaga University
          Volunteers are needed to help prepare meals.              

        (509) 747-4755      Meals on Wheels
         Manito United Methodist

        (509) 924-6976       Meals on Wheels (Valley)  
                                       12101 E. Sprague Ave.
                                        Spokane, WA 

        (509) 456-6597       Meals on Wheels (Mid City Concerns, within city limits)