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Farmers Markets / Local Produce | Spokane County, WA
Farmers Markets / Local Produce

People like knowing the farmer and buying local produce which is picked ripe at its peak of freshness.  Produce that is shipped long-distance is picked early and often sprayed with chemicals, such as ripeners and preservatives. 

Food from local family-owned farms is generally healthier, because they have used less heavy chemicals in herbicides and pesticides. 

Buying local produce
is a great way to connect with our community.

"When people buy locally, the money stays here to prime the economy.  The farmer gets paid and he/she then buys seed, equipment, tools, labor and household supplies from a local business.  That local business then restocks its shelves and hires staff to sell, fix equipment or help other businesses buy more and sell.  When we all buy from the big grocery store, most of the money goes elsewhere."   (Patricia J. Munts, WSU Extension's Small Farms and Acreage Coordinator, "Fresh Food Chain," Inlander, August-Sept. 2013, INHealth, p. 31)

What You Can Do

  • Help support our local economy, by buying locally.  

  • Real Food Spokane.  Learn about nutrition, gardening, farmers markets, and ways you can get involved in making fresh, local food available to area residents and institutions.  For more information, contact
    Nathan Calene
    Spokane Food Policy Council
    City of Spokane
    (509) 279-8596
    Email:  ncalene@spokanecity.org

  • Take fresh produce into neighborhoods.  "Farm to Family" from Richmond, Virginia, stocks an old bus with fresh local produce and delivers it right into neighborhoods.  This is especially helpful for people who do not drive. 
Local Organizations
Additional Resources

Carver Farms
9105 N. Idaho Road
Newman Lake, WA

(509) 226-3602
A family-owned and operated farm. 
U-pick as well as picked - apples, carrots, cabbage, pumpkin, squash, beans, corn, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, and much more...including hay rides in October, and choosing your own Christmas trees.

Green Bluff Growers  
Located about 15 minutes north of Spokane and is nestled at the foothills of Mt. Spokane. 
It is divided into two loops of over 40 family farms, the East and the West.
Green Bluff, WA

50 farms offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, picked or you-pick.  Each farm is run independently within the association with unique hours, events (festivals, corn mazes), produce & services such as lunch and picnic areas.  There are also unique items such as antiques, a landscape nursery, an alpaca ranch, U-Pick lavender, Homemade pies and Italian food, U-Cut Christmas Trees, and our very own Bed & Breakfast location. Occasional events take place with live music, etc., but only on designated weekends.  During the season most farms are open to the public.  Some farms are also open all year round.  For info on each farm, please see the individual growers pages on the website.

Pine Meadow Farm
16616 E. Foothills
Spokane, WA  99217
(509) 926-6725
Petting zoo, farm-fresh organic produce, dried and frozen food, baked products, spices, and teas. 

Spokane Milk - Home Delivery
509 N Sullivan Rd Suite C-140
Spokane Valley, WA 99037
(509) 724-0120

Delivering fresh milk and dairy to your doorstep. 

Valley Produce and Supply

3324 S. Best Road
Spokane Valley, WA  
(509) 926-4160
Fruits, vegetables, dairy, hay, grain, dog/cat food