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Pornography | threat to families and society
This information has been prepared by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton. 
It has been taken from her books and materials as well as the website Strengthen the Family.net.

  • Pornography on this website is defined as:   Anything that is inappropriately sexually arrousing.
Let me explain:  For a young teenage boy with 20 times the testosterone of an adult male, pornography very likely could be lingerie images in a catalog.  For a male who has perhaps inadvertently been exposed to much more, the images would be more sexual.  Whatever those images are, the mind usually demands more explicit images at other viewings.  People argue about what is considered to be pornography because it all depends on the person’s experience with sexual images.  We are concerned here with what would start a child/teen, or an adult, on the path to addiction.
  • Pornography may be the greatest threat to both the family and society today. 

  • 136 billion adult videos will have been watched in 2015.  That number is estimated to jump to 193 billion by 2020.  Globally, smartphone users will have watched an average of 348 videos this year, a number that will skyrocket to 539 videos in the U.S. by 2020  (source:  Juniper Research, Channel 13 News, Albany, New York, September 2016)

  • Religion vs. No Religion. 
    68% of church-going men view pornography on a regular basis.
    76% of Christian young adults 18-24 actively seek out porn.
    49% of Christian young adults say all or most of their friends seek out porn.
    62% of Christian teens say they have received nude images.
    40% of Christian teens have sent nude images.
    33% of Christian females age 13-24 use porn regularly.
    9% of churchgoers, and 7% of Pastors, say their church has a program to help those struggling with pornography
    (Charisma News, September 1, 2016)

  • 64% of American men view porn at least monthly; the percentage of Christian men is nearly the same.
    79% of men ages 18-30 view porn at least monthly.
    67% of men ages 31-49 view porn at least monthly.
    55% of married men view porn at least monthly.
    (Digital Journal, August 14, 2014)

  • Porn is gaining increasingly widespread acceptance:
    Teens and young adults have cavalier attitude when discussing porn.
    13% of teens and 17% of young adults talk about porn in a positive, lighthearted way.
    40% of teens and 43% of young adults assume all people look at porn sometimes.
    37% of teens and 36% of young adults do not discuss the morality of looking at porn.

    Age, gender and faith practice are three of the biggest factors in frequent porn use:
    Males aged 13-24:  72% of not practicing Christians, 41% of practicing Christians
    Males aged 25+: 55% of not practicing Christians, 23% of practicing Christians
    Females aged 13-24: 36% of not practicing Christians, 13% of practicing Christians
    Females aged 25+: 17% of not practicing Christians, 5% of practicing Christians

    Most porn users are OK with how much porn they use – but practicing Christians are divided:
    68% of people are comfortable with the amount of porn they use, 39% of practicing Christians are not.
    14% of people would rather use less but are OK with some, 21% for practicing Christians.
    18% of people would rather not use porn at all, 40% of practicing Christians.
    (Porn in the Digital Age – 10 Trends, April 6, 2016)

  • Porn and the Church.
    53% of Pastors do not think pornography is a problem in their church.
    66% of adults and teens have engaged in sexting.
    57% of Pastors and 64% of Youth Pastors admitted to watching porn currently or in the past.  (Porn and the Church, April 6, 2016)

  • There are are estimated 420 million porn web sites.  Porn is, and always has been, the #1 business of the Internet—it’s all about making money.  (WebMD, 2015)

  • An estimated one million children in the United States are abused yearly in the production of child pornography, a $3 billion business annually.  (Justice Department, "The Judge and the Child Porn Law," The New York Times, May 27, 2010)

  • 63% of adult men have looked at pornography at least on time while at work in the past 3 months; 38% have done so more than once.  In addition, 36% of adult women have looked at pornography at least on time while at work in the past 3 months; 13% have done so more than once.  (Source:  Survey conducted by the Barna Group, U.S., 2014)

  • Additional Pornography Statistics, 2015 edition, by Covenant eyes, Internet Accountability and Filtering.  file:///Users/Donna/Downloads/2015-porn-stats-covenant-eyes.pdf

What You Can Do
  • "Sex addiction is not to the degree being claimed.  Figure out what void inside of you the sex is fulfilling - lots of low self-esteem, low sense of self-worth, ego needing constant feedback - "Am I sexy and attractive?"  Do you need that feedback all day long?  It is easier to get with instant access over the internet."  Dr. Laura Berman, sex and relationship expert, ABC's GMA, June 13, 2011