School Supplies (donate)

What You Can Do:
  • Donate backpacks to agencies dealing with the homeless community.  Homeless people need backpacks to carry their possessions.  
  • Donate school supplies to agencies which distribute them to needy children.  Both family and school budgets are tight; and schools are now asking families of schoolchildren to supply beyond the basics with items such as hand sanitizer, copy paper and scientific calculators.  Parents requesting these supplies will generally need to bring proof of eligible children, such as a medical coupon and identification.
  • Donate to your child’s school, a specific teacher, or a specific project.  View to see what local teacher requests come from what schools.  “Lessons in Gratitude.  Teachers turn to online donors to fund classrooms.”  CBS This Morning, Dec. 8, 2014

Local Organizations

Additional Resources:

Camp Fire
(Inland NW Council of Camp Fire USA)
(509) 747-6191

Spokane Valley Partners
(509) 927-1153

Northeast Youth Center
(509) 482-0708
(for families living in the 99217 and 99207 zip codes only)  

The Salvation Army
(509) 325-6821



The poor and needy are within our community 12 months of the year.� Keep Christmas in your heart and actions all year long. for a complete list of January's events.