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Cecilia Garrett
(509) 844-8104
Ceci has a bachelor's degree in psychology.  She has had personal contact with and done the intensive in-home work of recovering from hoarding behaviors with almost 100 individuals and families.

Her expertise is unique.  Her "treatment" is person- not disorder-focused, and her clients have typically shown greater and longer-lasting improvements than what clinical research has indicated. Ceci believes her success is largely because those affected feel safe with her.  She has a personal knowledge that many mental health professionals do not have, from growing up in the home of a hoarding parent. Ceci is happy to speak to groups about help, hope and hoarding.  She works to help destigmatize the disorder, and those affected by it; and tries to change the conversation through education about effective treatment!

Jessica Kaluza,
Counselor, MA, LM HCA
1325 W. First Ave., Ste 226
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 557-3584
email:  jessicakaluzallc@couplestherapyspokane.com

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