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Gang Graffiti and Tagging | Spokane, WA
Gang Graffiti and Tagging

  • Graffiti is not tolerated in Spokane County.  
  • Gang graffiti is often the first indication that street gangs are active in your community. Graffiti is the newspaper, the billboard, the Internet of the world of street gangs and serves to mark the gang's power and status.
  • Gang graffiti is meant to create a sense of intimidation and may increase the sense of fear within a neighborhood. Graffiti marks territorial boundaries and serves, as a warning to other gangs that the area marked with unique signs and symbols is the territory or "turf" of a particular gang. Graffiti warns intruders or trespassers from rival gangs and even policemen, that they are not welcome. It may also be an advertisement for the sale of drugs or a memorial to a fallen fellow gang member.
  • Not all graffiti is gang related. Individuals known as "taggers" paint graffiti on buildings, fences, signs, highways, overpasses, and even trucks and railway cars. Many of these individuals enjoy a reputation for creativity and will frequently sign their "tagger" name. 
  • All graffiti should be removed immediately.  If graffiti is not removed, it leads to the degradation of a neighborhood and the devaluation of property. Studies have shown in many cases that if graffiti is left unchecked and not removed, more and more graffiti will appear.
  • Graffiti is a crime - called VANDALISM. 
What You Can Do
  • REPORT graffiti in Spokane County:
Call:    Crime Check at (509) 456-2233

Visit:   Stop Spokane Graffiti

Follow the simple sign-up process by creating a user account, upload a picture and the address of the graffiti being reported.  The website will take care of reporting the graffiti to law enforcement and adding it to a comprehensive map.