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Foreign Exchange Students | Spokane, WA
Foreign Exchange Students

Participating in a foreign exchange student program benefits all involved.  It builds family and relationships as it promotes greater understanding.  Hosting an exchange student is a wonderful opportunity to share your culture with a student from another country, and to experience international culture without leaving home. 

  • Spokane hosts nearly 1,500 foreign exchange students each year. 
What You Can Do
  • Host a foreign exchange student during the school year.

  • Become an exchange student.

  • Become an area coordinator.
Local Organizations
Additional Resources
  • International Cultural Exchange Program
    Spokane Public Schools


    For questions about district policy and procedure 3142, contact
    Michelle Russell at (509) 354-5931 or
    Wendy Watson at (509) 354-7361
The International Cultural Exchange Program is designed to provide international exchange students holding a J-1 exchange visitor visa with up to one school year of educational experience for the express purpose of cultural enrichment.  The District will only accept students from organizations that are registered with the Secretary of State’s office in Washington and approved by the Council on Standards for International Travel (CSIET).

To host a visiting student with a J-1 visa, please contact the CSIET program at

The District does not accept students with F-1 visas, commonly used when visiting a relative, or B-2 visitor visas.  Because the District values the placement of international exchange students, the District may, at its discretion, choose to accommodate student exchange programs with special enrollment circumstances that do not meet all of the district expectations of International Exchange Organizations or Programs. 
  • Northwest Services
    1415 W. Franklin Street
    Boise, ID   83702
    Washington Supervisor: 
    Gayle Hufloen
    (509) 951-9589
    Spokane Coordinator: 
    Dawn Keck
They place exchange students all over the country.  About half are European, with the other half evenly distributed between Asia and South America.  Most stay for a full school year. If you are married, single, or if you are grandparents and want to host someone who is your grandchild’s age, you may apply online.
Families apply online and then go through background and reference checks, as well as a home visit, and they stay connected with Northwest Services as long as a student is living with them. The family also has a say in who to host. You may also look at the student profiles online.