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Food fraud
Food Fraud

Food fraud is BIG business.

  • Food Fraud is all about  profit - money. 

  • "The FDA inspects only 1% of the 10 million food products shipped into the U.S. every year. That makes food fraud an easy and lucrative way for organized crime to make money.

  • Food Fraud consists of misleading labels which conceal ingredients in supermarket or restaurant food.  It occurs from the farmer's field to distributors, from grocery stores to restaurants. 

  • Other countries have banned many of the ingredients and chemicals which the FDA permits in our food. For example, some of the ingredients in Gatorade, Chex Mix and Mountain Dew have been linked to some cancers.  Europe claims that when they banned food dyes and other chemicals, ADD diagnoses went down and kids' grades went up.  Consumers can educate themselves and choose foods which enhance rather than diminish their health.  "Rich Food, Poor Food," by Dr. Jayson Calton, contains a comprehensive list of the top 13 products that are forbidden by governments outside the U.S.  (KHQ News, April 13, 2013 and Fox News, June 21, 2013) 

  • Oceana conducted one of the largest seafood fraud investigations in the world to date from 2010-2012, and found that 38% of fish was mislabeled.  Snapper and Tuna had the highest mislabeling rates.  90% of the White Tuna had been switched out.  Snapper was replaced with Tile Fish (which is high in mercury).  Somewhere the fish was mislabeled, switching an expensive fish with a cheaper or less desirable fish.   It is all about money.  http://oceana.org/en/news-media/publications/reports/oceana-study-reveals-seafood-fraud-nationwide

  • Olive Oil.  70% of Extra Virgin Olive Oil sold in the world is fake.  65% of imported oils sold in the U.S. do not meet the standard for the label.  When purchasing olive oil, look for a dark glass bottle, and purchase within 15 months of the harvest date printed on the bottle.   It is all about money.   Dr. Oz Show, http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/dr-oz-investigates-supermarket-food-fraud-pt-1
What You Can Do
  • Eat more fresh, local whole foods, and not buy into the machine that makes this racket profitable.
  • Grow more of your own food. 

  • Learn what the heads and skin of fish look like.  When buying fish, ask to have it cut in front of you in the store. 
Additional Resources

The Dr. Oz Show.
"Dr. Oz Investigates Supermarket Food Fraud, Part 1"