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Groceries - Delivered to Homes | Spokane, WA
Groceries - Delivered to Homes
Many people can benefit from having their groceries delivered to their home or office, such as people who are home-bound, elderly, unable to drive, sick, disabled, or simply too busy to shop.  Having groceries delivered to your home has many benefits. 
  • It saves the time of walking through the store and standing in line.
  • It reduces unnecessary spending, reducing impulse buying.
  • It gives you easy access to online specials.
  • It usually allows for specialty items, such as kosher, organic, gluten-free, or sugar-free. 
  • It often allows you to click manufacturer's coupons as you shop. 
  • It allows you to shop anywhere - lunch break at work, or the doctor's waiting room.

Remember, there may be some drawbacks to having groceries delivered. 

  • Price.  You will pay a delivery fee, and miss out on in-store discounts, such as clearance items.
  • Selection.  You cannot select your own items, resulting in over-or-under ripe fruit, milk or bread that is close to the expiration date. In addition, not all items in the store are available, just the ones which are listed online. 
  • Delivery.  If you are not home with the groceries arrive, they may sit on a porch in the heat.  Some stores also offer you the option of ordering and then picking up groceries at their curb.  (see http://spokanecares.org/groceries-delivered-pickedup-spokane.php)
  • Wrong items.  Items may be out-of-stock items, so you are unable to choose an alternative. 

In Spokane, food can be delivered for a fee to your home or office, by Rosauer's stores:

Rosauer's Home Delivery

Three Rosauer's stores deliver groceries Monday - Friday, 11:00 am - 8:00 pm in Spokane and Spokane Valley. 

Orders are taken online through a dedicated website
Log on, enter your address, create a personal profile, pick your delivery day and time, and start shopping!

Consumers can choose any of the 20,000 fresh, frozen and packaged goods available in the supermarket, including fresh meat and produce, bakery, deli, dairy, frozen, natural and your favorite grocery items.  Shop our Aisles online, and shop our Ads! 

No Computer?  No problem. Call 1-877-933-3003.
(additional $5.00 processing fee will apply)

The prices for items to be delivered are generally the same as they are in the store. 

(North side area)

Rosauer's Supermarkets
9414 N. Division St
Spokane, WA  99218
(509) 467-6812
$9.95 delivery fee
Pay by check to the delivery person, or a credit card online. 

(South Hill area)
Rosauer's Supermarkets
2610 E. 29th Avenue
Spokane, WA  99223
(509) 535-3683
$9.95 delivery fee
Pay by check to the delivery person, or a credit card online. 

(Spokane Valley)
Rosauer's Supermarkets
10618 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA  99206
(509) 924-3700
$9.95 delivery fee
Pay by check to the delivery person, or a credit card online.