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Fireworks Safety and Laws | Spokane, WA
Fireworks Safety and Laws

It is unlawful in Washington
to use fireworks in a reckless manner that creates a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury or a risk of damage to property.  Avoid a costly fine, and obey Washington's rules for fireworks: 

Buying, selling, and using amateur fireworks is illegal without a permit in the city of Spokane, Cheney, Liberty Lake, Fairfield, and Spokane Valley, unincorporated areas of Spokane County, or on private, state or federal forest land. In Millwood, fireworks are banned in all circumstances. 

"Fireworks are prohibited from the woods, period.  It doesn't matter what County you are in," said Guy Giffords of the Washington Dept. of Natural Resources.  Restrictions apply to all fireworks that require a source of ignition like a match or lighter.  If it has to be lit, it is part of the ban. 

Fireworks may be purchased and discharged (with restrictions) on private property ONLY in Airway Heights, Deer Park and Medical Lake during certain periods on the 4th of July only.  Children should never be allowed to handle fireworks without adult supervision.  Sparklers can reach 1,800 degrees, a very dangerous thing in the hands of a young child.  Keep to safe areas like paved driveways and gravel lots, and keep a charged water hose at the site.  BE ADVISED - Fireworks users may be held financially responsible for any damaging fires they spark. 

Purchasing fireworks online is illegal within the state of Washington.  The use of websites such as Craigslist to acquire fireworks is also forbidden.  Approved fireworks can only be purchased from a licensed fireworks dealer during the legal sales period (which may vary depending on local ordinances). 

Fireworks are prohibited year-round in most public lands, including national forests, wildlife refuges, parks and Bureau of Land Management lands, as well as state wildlife lands. 

Fines for violating the State and local fireworks laws:  City of Spokane, $513.  Spokane County, up to $1,000, based on the severity of the circumstances. 

To report illegal fireworks, call
Crime Check:   456-2233
Do NOT Call:    911 (unless it involves an emergency)

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