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Financial Assistance | Medicaid, Medicare and Health Insurance for elderly, sick, disabled.
Financial Assistance

There are 4 ways to finance
Nursing Home Care:

1)  Private pay by the patient and family for their board and room and all the services they receive.

2)  Medicaid (welfare) which involves getting your finances down to less than $2,000.00 in the patient’s name.  Medicaid,which is intended as a safety net for specific low-income populations, including the disabled and children, will only reimburse people who have depleted their assets.  Families are expected to take on the full responsibility for long-term care sacrificing an average of more than $500,000 in their own resources.  Only when you are totally desperate and have exhausted every resource will the government step in and help.    

3)  Medicare is for patients who come from the hospital and need more services.Medicare provides for 100 days of skilled nursing services per year for the elderly people to rehabilitate and hopefully be able to return home.  Medicare will not pay for any long-term care for chronic illness.  

4)  Long-term Care Insurance.  Select an amount of insurance which, along with your retirement, can help pay for the services in a nursing home.  

What You Can Do
  • Seek accounting advice when needed—for tax preparation, managing finances, etc.
  • Supplementary funding is available that can be used in this process.   Call SHIBA (State Health Insurance Benefit Advisor) for help to understand health insurance options.  SHIBA is the State Health Insurance Benefit Advisor which was established by the Insurance Commission to protect insurance consumers.  Expert volunteers will help you learn about different health care options and coverage from Medicare, Medicaid, Basic health, and other private health care insurance providers.  This FREE service provides counseling regarding prescription drug programs, long-term care options, health policy comparisons, and the many programs you may qualify for.  Call SHIBA’s helpline at 1-800-562-6900. 
Local Organizations