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Family Reunions | Create memories and Build love and unity.
Family Reunions

Relatives reinforce the idea...

"These are people we can count on!"

  • "Family Reunions are more important today than ever.  In a world where relationships are too easily discarded, in a society that keeps us so busy, we need family.  We need the strength of generations, both those that came before us, and those that came after us.  Family Reunions help us reconnect with loved ones, and remind us of what really matters.
Reunions do not need to be extravagant affairs.  They can be as simple as an afternoon in the park, or a BBQ in the backyard. The activities are not as important as the gathering itself, just getting together, remembering and sharing stories and renewing family bonds.

Family Reunions create memories, connect family members and build continuity from generation to generation.  Rarely does anyone attend a family reunion and leave feeling sorry that they attended.  Instead, cousins develop closer relationships,and others receive advice from those who love and care about them. 

As families gather to celebrate their roots, they learn things about each other and themselves.  They are inspired by family stories, keep their family history alive, and gain wisdom and strength from the elders in their family. 

In every family, there comes a day when a loved family member is no longer there to recount the family stories.  So, gather together,  Be a family.  Have a reunion!"  (Music and the Spoke Word, June 3, 2012) 
What You Can Do
  • Plan family reunions with both your immediate and extended family.  
  • Ask relatives to relate family memories that are meaningful to them.  
  • View websites with great ideas for reunion games and activities, awards and recognitions, recipe books, newsletters, T-shirts, name tags, gather family histories, family directory, family website, feeding crowds, agendas, etc. 
Additional Resources

  • Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

  • Family Reunion Success.  Get a free reunion planner check list, find resources, down-to-earth suggestions
, practical tips
, planning timeline
, checklists
, unique ideas, 
valuable resources, 
funny stories, 
free invitations and templates, 
award certificates
, realistic activity suggestions
, games, games and more games.  http://www.family-reunion-success.com/...