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Dentists | donate services in Spokane, WA

What You Can Do
  • Contact DENT (Dental Emergencies Needing Treatment).  DENT is a local program that helps adults (many who are homeless or low-income) get treatment for dental emergencies.  Many of the referrals come from hospital emergency departments or urgent care centers, which have no dentists.  DENT is a cooperative effort among Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Holy Family Hospital, Washington Dental Service Foundation, and Better Health Together, a subsidiary of Empire Health Foundation. 

    Contact:  program manager Karen Davis
    (509) 381-5571
    Rita Mykleburg
    (509) 381-5568
  • Help the Homeless.  Dentists can help alleviate pain and restore beautiful smiles and confidence to the homeless.  Call the Spokane Homeless Coalition at (509) 625-6130. 

  • BPA in Orthodontic Appliances and Retainers.   Many dentists make plastic retainers which are used after wearing dental braces to hold teeth in position, and to close gaps or spaces between teeth. 

    A 2012 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reinforced concerns that BPA could contribute to breast cancer in women.  BPA affects the endocrine system as it mimics estrogen, raising the risk of hormonal problems.  BPA is linked to many health issues, from various cancers to diabetes and heart disease. 

    Dentists can secure BPA-free Essix ACE Plastic from Osborn Denture Clinic & Lab, 303 N. Pines Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99206   (509) 922-1885

    Patients can ask their dentist if he makes appliances or retainers from BPA-free plastic. Some of the dentists in Spokane who use BPA-free material are:

    Orthodontist Bret Johnson
    755 E. Holland Ave.
    Spokane, WA 99218
    (509) 466-2666

    Dr. Travis Coulter
    1601 S. Dishman Mica Rd
    Spokane Valley, WA 99206
    (509) 924-1314 

  • Cash for Halloween Candy.  One local dentist office offers cash for excess Halloween candy.  They invite children to bring their excess, unopened trick-or-treat candy to their office the day after Halloween, where it is exchanged for $1/pound.   

    The children are also encouraged to create cards or letters to send to members of the military.  Volunteers then wrap and ship the candy and cards to troops overseas in holiday care packages.  The candy is only a portion of the contents of the packages.  Not only are the troops sharing with their fellow service members, but they are undoubtedly using the candy to make friends with the children where the troops are stationed. 

    The dentists enjoy teaching about tooth-decay and service; the children enjoy contributing to a worthy cause; and the soldiers enjoy the gifts. 

    KIDDS Dental  (from 4 - 7:00 pm)
    Dr. Jared D. Evans
    1327 N. Stanford Ln, Ste B
    Liberty Lake, WA  
    (509) 891-7070

South Hill Pediatric Dentistry
2020 E. 29th Avenue, Ste. 130
Spokane, WA   99203
(509) 315-8500