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Crosswalk, Pedestrian, and Motorist Safety Laws | Spokane, WA
Crosswalks, Pedestrians, Motorists

  • An average of 20 collisions with pedestrians or bicyclists occur each month in Spokane.  (Spokane Regional Health District and Spokane Police Department, June 2012)
  • Most collisions occur in a crosswalk, whether marked or not.
  • There were 12 pedestrian fatalities in Spokane County in 2009. 
  • Crosswalk Fines.  $124 ticket for failing to yield to a pedestrian.    
What You Can Do


  • Be aware of cars approaching in all lanes.  Wave and attempt to make eye contact with the motorists to make sure they are aware of your presence and your intention to cross the street. 

  • Pedestrians are supposed to use an intersection.  They have the right of way at all intersections in Spokane County. 

  • Any intersection in Spokane County, whether or not it is marked, posted or painted as a crosswalk, is considered a crosswalk; however, if there is no pedestrian control devices, pedestrians need to make sure there is a natural break in traffic prior to entering the roadway.  Then, once they are on the roadway, they have the right of way (regardless of whether or not they are inside a crosswalk). 

    On a one-way street, if one vehicle is stopped at the intersection, all lanes are required to stop (to avoid hitting a pedestrian who may not be visible to all drivers). 

    On 2-way roadways, if the pedestrian is within one lane of you on either side, motorists are required to stop.  Once the pedestrian is at least 2 lanes away, the motorist can proceed. 

  • Yield to pedestrians.  Once a person is inside a crosswalk, they own it!   You cannot legally drive across the crosswalk until the person reaches the other side.

  • When one car stops at a crosswalk, all the other cars must stop as well, until the person crossing reaches the curb, or you will be breaking the law.   When all cars stop, it brings awareness and caution to drivers in all lanes, especially approaching drivers who cannot see the pedestrian.

  • Crossing a street without a marked crosswalk.  The sidewalk virtually extends across the intersection.  That is a legal place for the pedestrian to be—whether it is marked or not.  Drivers still need to yield to that pedestrian.