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Children's Health and Medical issues | Spokane, WA
Health & Medical
  • We are raising the first generation of American kids who are not expected to live as long as their parents and grandparents.  This trend is a huge red flag—predicting massive health care costs and human loss for the next generation, mostly related to diabetes.
  • The play area at your local restaurant may be harboring germs and bacteria that could make your children sick.   Many play areas inside food establishments are covered with filthy health hazards—including bacteria on clumps of hair, rotting food, and fecal matter.  Children who come into contact with fecal matter could get sick if they touched their mouth, nose or an open wound.  One restaurant play tube had more than 20 million fecal bacteria in a two-inch area.  The areas where children play in those restaurants should be periodically sanitized.  In addition, parents can protect their children by training them to wash their hands thoroughly after playing on any playground and before they eat.
  • Washington State Dept. of Health revealed the following 2006 statistics for students in Spokane County:
    • 46% of 12th and 32% of 10th-graders reported drinking alcohol within 30 days.
    • 9% of 12th and nearly 8% of 10th graders carried a weapon to school.
    • 8% of 8th and 25% of 12th graders reported using marijuana or hashish.
    • 23% of 12th graders reported smoking cigarettes.  Of 6th graders, only 3% said they had tried smoking.
    • 4% of 12th and 19% of 10th graders reported coming to school high on drugs or drunk.                                                                                                                       (2006 Healthy Youth Survey)

  • Childhood abuses or neglect of children that occur after birth are more publicly visible. Worldwide, almost eight million children die before their fifth birthday, mostly from diseases both treatable and preventable.  (UNICEF, “Young Child Survival and Development,” http://www.unicef.org/childsurvival/index.html)  
  • One in four children have stunted growth, mentally and physically, because of inadequate nutrition, according to the World Health Organization.  (World Health Organization, World Health Statistics 2012 (2012), 109, 118)

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