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Fundraising | for Charity and Non-profits

Fundraising is big business, and many schools and organizations use children to help raise money.  Children sell candy door-to-door, or convince neighbors to pledge a cash amount if the student achieves a certain goal. 

Asking kids to solicit contributions may be sending the wrong messages.  Children learn that selling is playing on sympathy to move cheap, unwanted products.  It may teach children that you have to give people something in order to induce them to be charitable. 

Schools and organizations should consider that
  • Most parents do not want their children going to the homes of people they do not know. 

  • Children need to sell something people value, at a reasonable price (such as garbage bags, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, flashlights, emergency preparedness items, fluorescent house numbers which are easily visible to emergency crews, safety whistles and alarms, etc.).  When children are soliciting for a charity, they are selling people on the social value of the charity. 

What You Can Do
  • Think about the problems you want to see solved in society, and then identify the organizations working to resolve those challenges.  To make more of an impact with financial donations, focus on one or two causes.  Volunteering not only helps the typically understaffed non-profit you are interested in, but it also connects you directly to the cause.  You are able to see what you are giving your hard-earned dollars for and see your efforts pay off.  
  • Raise money for a charity or non-profit.  The ideas are endless.  Sponsor a
    • charity auction
    • organize a neighborhood or community yard sale
    • dance
    • quilt sale
    • golf tournament
    • bake sale, selling goods at a large event
    • donate homemade meals to sell
    • book sale
    • craft fair
    • dinner
    • car wash in a high-traffic area
    • mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow
    • wash windows
    • baby sit
    • give haircuts
    • volunteers commit to shaving their heads if a specified amount of money is raised by a deadline
    • Sell useful items, like smoke detectors, items for a home or car emergency kit, or bags of fruit.  Give the proceeds to a specific charity.
  • Help our community twice.  Schools raising money can offer to sell something that is produced by a local charity, such as the gourmet food mixes made by the women at Christ Kitchen, one of our nonprofit organizations in Spokane.
Local Organizations
Additional Resources
  • Value Village, a Spokane thrift store, helps Non-profit organizations achieve their fundraising goals.
    We provide a step-by-step guide, tools, and templates to successfully organize and promote a Donation Drive Fundraiser. This program is an easy 1,2,3 step to raise money for your organization. We pay 20 cents per pound for soft goods, 10 cents per pound for hard goods, 2 cents per pound for books and media, and 5 cents per furniture item. Just think, if you collect 5,000 LBS of soft goods, your organization just earned $1,000. How exciting!!!   (Value Village partners with the nonprofit Northwest Center.)  For more information, please contact
    Megan Connelly
    Community Donation Manager
    (509) 921-7889 Work
    (208) 771-6053  Cell

  • ChicoBag's Fundraising Program.  Help our community go Green.  Earn money by selling high quality reusable bags.  Earn 40% profit with free shipping and no hidden costs or start-up fees.  For details and a free sample, contact
    Pam Farnsworth
    (509) 217-5543
    Email:  pfarnsworth@juno.com. 

  • Custom cookbooks are often a highly successful fundraising project.  Sharing recipes is a time-honored tradition, and they make a great keepsake with recipes that can be shared and enjoyed by many.  Itís a great way to involve many members of a group, and provide a longer selling period than many other fundraising options.   Contact a local printer, or http://GandRPublishing.com