Charity Encompasses Forgiveness
Loving all of Godís children is a lifetime challenge for most of us who profess to love God and are striving to keep his commandments.  

Forgiving and loving everyone may be difficult to achieve; but it is possible, because God has provided a way for us to do this.  Consider the purpose of the Saviorís life, his example, and his atoning sacrificeó

   He Sent His Son
  Words by Mabel Jones Gabbot
     Music by Michael F. Moody
How could the Father tell the world of love and tenderness?
He sent his Son, a newborn babe, with peace and holiness.

How could the Father show the world the pathway we should go?
He sent his Son to walk with men on earth, that we may know.

How could the Father tell the world of sacrifice, of death?
He sent his Son to die for us and rise with living breath.

What does the Father ask of us?  What do the scriptures say?
Have faith, have hope, live like his Son, help others on their way.

What does He ask?
Live like His Son.