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Business Involvement in the Community | Spokane, WA
Business Involvement in the Community

We all have a stake in creating a healthy, prosperous community.  One person or organization cannot solve our community's tough issues alone.  We win when children gain the skills to succeed in school and life, families and individuals become financially stable and independent, and people achieve physical, mental and emotional health.  (Spokane County United Way)

What You Can Do
  • Volunteer your services.  Search for nonprofits who are in need of your knowledge and skills.  Share your skills and knowledge with others to improve the lives of others, from the underemployed to the homeless, incarcerated offenders, disabled and low-income.  Many community-based organizations (community centers, retirement homes, youth programs, etc.) invite the community to teach classes such as art, crafts, education, cooking, sewing, computers, stress management, diet and exercise, parenting, marriage, etc.  Give someone hands-on experience, and enough exposure to the skill to determine their interest and ability. 

  • Donate overstocked items, discontinued items, unused warehouse space, food, clothing, and other services to local nonprofit organizations to help individual and families in need.  This will keep surplus goods out of the landfill, businesses can get a tax break, and people in need can get the items they need. 

  • Donate some service or a portion of the day’s proceeds to a local charity.

  • Offer your services for free to at least one person each week, or month, or year. 

  • Contact Spokane County United Way to learn about becoming an advocate for an Education, Income, Health or a nonprofit strengthening an issue that you are passionate about.  Your community needs you to have an impact on public policy decisions.  By advocating for system-wide change, you are making a difference throughout our community.   (509) 838-6581   http://www.unitedwayspokane.org

  • Boy Scouts of America Inland Northwest Council.  Teach a boy and help build a man who has many talents, leadership skills, and integrity...a man who is honest, courteous, patriotic, and serves others.  Men are teaching boys in our community to become self-reliant men who have learned many talents, leadership skills, and integrity...men who are honest, courteous, patriotic, and willing to serve others.   Local businesses are impacting the future of our community by working with boys. 

    Volunteer to be a Merit Badge Counselor
    for the Boy Scouts of America.  Share your talents and skills, or your business's field of expertise, and make a difference in the life of a young man.  View the topics of more than 100 merit badges.  (click here)

  • Mentor a high school student or offer to make a professional presentation in a school. 
  • Invite a high school senior to help with a service project.  Many high school students are looking for opportunities to donate community service to local businesses to fulfill graduation requirements.    
  • Provide service projects to youth or adults who are under court supervision and need to complete community service hours as part of their sentence of commitment.  For example, your business may need help with mass mailings, gardening, cleanup, moving to a new location, construction, etc.
  • Employ an Offender.  There are many youth, men and women under court supervision who need employment opportunities.  Offenders include people who have been in jail or prison, or are otherwise involved in the criminal justice system.  (see Employ an Offender on this site)
  • Employ a developmentally disabled person.   Disabled people can find fulfillment when others find boredom, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks.  They are often highly productive and rarely call in sick.  Every business has its simpler tasks that can be broken out from the more complex tasks.  Employers can increase their productivity by finding jobs that fit for developmentally disabled workers, freeing other laborers for more complex tasks.  Don’t underestimate their capacities.  Invite them to help you.  They can learn a wide range of job skills and be excellent workers.  Many are very dependable and very capable.  You can help another person develop and achieve their full potential. (see Employ the Disabled on this site.) 

  • Employ an Immigrant.  (click here

  • Employ a Veteran.  (click here)

  • Employ a Teen.  (click here)
  • Charitable giving prospers individuals and businesses.  Read “Those who Serve are Happier, Healthier, and More Prosperous” on this website.  (click here)  
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