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Beauty Product Ingredients | Harmful or safe ingredients
Beauty Product Ingredients
  • Which beauty products do you buy?  Are they harmful, do they work, and are they worth the price?  
There are 60,000 ingredients found in cosmetic products.  Women use an average of 12 beauty products every day which can contain up to 168 ingredients. For men, they use an average of 6 products with 85 ingredients. 

The nonprofit EWG (Environmental Working Group) has a cosmetics database which ranks cosmetics by potential hazard with grade levels of green (low hazard), yellow (moderate hazard), or red (high hazard.  Among the chemicals of concern are Paragons (linked in some studies to cancer), and Phthalates (which can potentially alter growth and reproduction hormones).  They report that the law that governs the cosmetic industry has not been updated since the 1930’s, so companies can use more ingredients, as they see fit, without any regulation.  

Dermatologist Dr. Fayne Frey says, “Anti-aging is a marketing term.  Eye creams are basically moisturizers that are put in little tubes that cost a lot.  Science has never found yet an ingredient that slows or reverses the aging process.  A fountain of youth in a bottle doesn’t exist.  The only magic potion for anti-aging is sunscreen.  The most biologically active anti-aging product on the market today is sunscreen.  If you don’t skip sunscreen and moisturizer, you don’t have to buy the expensive products.”     (“Doctor:  Beauty products don’t compare to this one “magic potion.” Beneath the Surface, Comparing the cost, value and safety of Cosmetics, CBS This Morning, March 30, 2016)