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Search and Reunion | Reuniting Adopted children and Biological parents
Search and Reunion

  • Adopted children and birth parents often desire to reconnect many years after their separation.  Adoption search and reunion can be an emotional and rewarding journey, and other times a great disappointment.  Remember, to respect the privacy of biological parents who gave you life, but want to remain anonymous and not be contacted. 
  • Remember to prepare for the reunion, as the person who is searching is usually far more prepared than the person who is found.  The person who is found will need time to consider their thoughts and feelings about what the opportunity to reunite means to them. 
  • Ancestry.com is a genealogy testing service that offers a DNA test to help people discover a little bit more about their family story.  There are several different types of DNA testing, but autosomal DNA is inherited from both parents.  You can find connections on any one of your family lines.

    The process starts when participants create a free Ancestry account and order the $99 DNA test kit.  Provide a saliva sample and send it back to the organization.  It takes about 2 months for the DNA lab to process the sample, analyzing it against 700,000 genetic markers to analyze ethnicity and compare it against 26 specific population groups around the world.  Your data is cross-compared with over 1 million people in the database who also have the same markers.  You can learn where your biological ancestors originated from.

    For someone who is adopted, the test is a very exciting possibility.  Sometimes records are closed or there is a closed adoption, so DNA is your only hope to find connections.  Where records leave off, in some cases, DNA can pick up and can help extend your family tree.

    All results, including a list of cousin matches, are uploaded online to the user's Ancestry account, and participants receive an email when results are ready.  Ancestry also offers a private messaging service for people to start a conversation. 

    Remember, to respect the privacy of biological parents who gave you life, but want to remain anonymous and not be contacted.  For more information, visit http://www.ancestry.com/dna

Additional Resources

Agencies and professionals in Spokane can aid in an adoption search.  Some may do this for free, while others will require a fee.

Online websites offer searching services.  Some allow you to not only search for someone at no cost, but also to add your information to a large searchable database for free.

Adoption Search and Reunion
International Soundex Reunion Registry