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Adoption and Foster Children | Spokane, WA
Adoption & Foster Children
  • There is no such thing as an unwanted child.  Every child is indeed wanted by someone, and every child can bring joy to a family.
  • Many children have suffered abuse or neglect before being removed from their parents’ homes.  They carry the memories of their childhood abuse into the foster care system where they are moved from home-to-home and are sometimes mistreated again.  This instability causes many foster children to struggle throughout their lives with depression, education, employment and money problems.  

  • Washington has more than 10,000 children in foster care today—and hundreds of those children are available to be adopted, if only a home could be found for them.  

  • In 2013, the State of Washington had...

    • 9,326 children living in out-of-home care, including licensed foster homes and relative placements.

    • 1,667 children who legally lost their parents and were waiting to be adopted.  (Parental rights had been terminated by the courts or relinquished by parents.) 

    • 1,239 children were adopted from foster care. (FamLink, Department of Social and Health Services, Children's Administration)

  • Nationwide, there were more than 408,425 children in the foster system and about 107,011 available for adoption in 2010.  (Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System) 

  • Nationally, the average age of a foster child waiting to be adopted is 8 years old.  In 2010, approximately 11% of foster children nationally spent 5 years or more waiting to be adopted.  (Source:  AFCARS) 

  • We have a global orphan crisis today.  There are 145 million children in the world who have lost their parents due to AIDS, natural disasters, or conflicts. 
What You Can Do
  • If you are interested in becoming a Foster parent, contact
Amber Sherman, Recruitment Coordinator
Fostering Washington
(509) 359-6130
Email:  fosteringwa@ewu.edu
Local Organizations
Additional Resources

  • Adoption.com.  The world's largest and most-used adoption site, for unplanned pregnancy.  Connect with individuals who are considering placing a child for adoption.  Create parent profiles by posting text, photos and videos, with connections to social media.  Included is a "Adopting from Foster Care Guide."
    1-800-FAMILY-NOW  (800) 326-4596 
    Email: parentprofiles@adoption.com   

  • Wednesday's Child
    View adoptable foster children on KXLY-TV - channel 4
    Wednesdays at 6:00 pm
    Robyn Nance - robynn@kxly.com